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Since May of 2001, Bert has been a monthly regular on the TechTV show "The Screen Savers." He is the show's Photoshop Guru and demonstrates a new technique every time he is a guest.

Bert also writes a step-by-step tutorial which is published on the TechTV website. TechTV archived all the tutorials for easy access but since the merger with G4, the tutorials have been taken down from the site. Below is a list of these tutorials. They are presented as they originally appeared on the TechTV website.
Create a Rainy Sidewalk with Photoshop Filters
Create a Winter Wonderland
Create a Wooden Name Plate in Photoshop
Create Rain
How to Use the Photoshop Displace Filter
Use Layer Styles for Special Effects
Use Photoshop to Make Your New Photos Look Like Antiques
Clipping Group
Create a Brick Wall in Photoshop
Create a Digital Landscape
Create a Holiday Greeting Card
Create a Neon Sign Animation
Fix Overexposed and Underexposed Image
Make Crop Circles in Photoshop
Make Shadows
Start a Fire in Photoshop
The Alpha Channel
Wedding Glasses
Speeding Bullets
Colorize Comics
Compensate for Camera Distortion
Create 3D Illusions
Create a Felt Appliqué in Photoshop
Create Fireworks
Create Metallic Logotype
Extract Part of an Image
Icy Letters
Make an Underwater Scene
Seamlessly Join Multiple Scans
Shadows Over Rough Surfaces and bullet holes
Put Your Name on a PS Marquee
Save Time Tweaking
Make Heavy Metal in Photoshop
Create a Racing Flag
Create a Rusty Logo Against Concrete
Create Lightning





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